10/11/18: Classes canceled for today due to the weather. We'll be open again on Saturday.

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We teach authentic Chinese Shao-Lin Kung Fu - a 1500 year old martial arts system developed by the shaolin monks at the Honan temple for health, meditation, physical conditioning, overall fitness and self defense. Our system includes various styles including animal, weapons, and internal training. Check the Curriculum and History pages to learn more about our art and lineage.

**Walk ins welcome! Come in and try a free class! Contact us for details.**


Sifu Mo Seyam is our head instructor. He began his Shao-Lin training under Elder Masters David and Sharon Soard in 2009, assisted in teaching classes in 2011, and has attained the rank of 3rd degree black belt. He has traveled to many of the various Chinese Shao-Lin Centers in the U.S. to attend seminars led by Elder Masters David and Sharon Soard.

1333 Buck Jones Rd.
Cary, NC 27511

Tue-Thu 7:15pm - 9:45pm
Sat 10:45am - 3:15pm

See Calendar page for specific class schedule.

See Events page for upcoming events and seminars.

Sifu Mo Seyam
(919) 283-MONK
(919) 283-6665

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